Goodbye invasives: Successful native fern planting with help from local students

This past weekend, local students from east Toronto gave a helping hand to plant native ferns in an area that had previously been overrun with invasive plants. The planting day was headed by UFORA’s Stephen Smith who provided the necessary equipment and materials for the planting. The project was funded by the TD Friends of

Life after death: Dead Tree walks led by UFORA tree experts in conjunction with new MOCA exhibit “The Life of a Dead Tree”

Paula Davies and Stephen Smith lead a walk along the Todmorden Mills’ Wildflower Preserve Trail, a site that is abundant with dead trees and home to a variety of plants and animals. This walk explores dead trees in various stages of decomposition and the different life forms that are supported by them, including wildflowers and Toronto’s unofficial mushroom species, Dryad’s Saddle.