Red Osier Dogwood fruits

Shrubs, Small Trees and a few Herbaceous Plants

These species are suited to most typical garden soils and will grow well with regular care.

There are hundreds more herbaceous plants (and many more shrubs) on the commercial market that are acceptable, with new ones being added all the time. Just check to see that they are not a listed invasive species before buying them.


Common Name Form Habitat
American hazelnut shrub dry soils, sun
Black raspberry shrub sun
Bush honeysuckle low shrub sun or partial shade
Choke cherry large shrub sun or partial shade
Common elderberry shrub sun or shade
Common juniper shrub sun
Creeping juniper low shrub sun
Fragrant sumach shrub dry sun
Grey dogwood shrub sun
Juneberry small tree rich soil, sun or partial shade
Marginal wood fern fern partial shade
Missouri willow shrub moist sun
Nannyberry large shrub sun or partial shade
Ninebark shrub sun
Ostrich fern fern partial shade
Pagoda dogwood large shrub sun or partial shade
Purple raspberry shrub sun or partial shade
Red cedar small tree dry sun
Red elderberry shrub partial shade
Red osier dogwood shrub moist soils, sun
Red raspberry shrub sun
Sandbar willow shrub sun
Shrubby cinquefoil shrub dry sun
Smooth rose shrub sun
Smooth serviceberry small tree rich soil, sun or partial shade
Staghorn sumach shrub sun
Virginia creeper vine sun
Virgin’s bower vine sun
Witch hazel shrub partial shade


Consider these species for gardens where native species are less important. Many species listed as native by nurseries are not native to our area, but can still be suitable for city gardens.

Common Name Form Habitat
Arrow wood shrub sun
Bearberry groundcover dry sun
Butterflybush shrub sun
Forsythia shrub sun
Lance-leaved coreopsis flower sun
Mint Julep juniper low shrub dry sun
Mock orange shrub sun
Moss pink groundcover dry sun
Pasture rose shrub dry sun
Purple coneflower flower sun
Redbud shrub sun
Shadblow serviceberry shrub average sun
Snowberry shrub sun or partial shade
Striped maple shrub moist partial shade, acid soil
Thornless hawthorn small tree sun