Ravine Stewardship and Ecological Restoration
Let UFORA help you bring back the natural landscaping of your deteriorating urban green space. UFORA provides a wide range of consulting and contract services to private homeowners, municipalities, community groups and other consultants working with wetlands, urban forests and ravines. We focus on the specific site conditions of the local area, and incorporate natural materials into
Construction Supervision
Ensure that your property is protected from avoidable damage during your small or large construction projects.  It is possible to build what you need to and keep the best trees. Protecting trees on construction sites requires the presence of a qualified arborist to inspect tree protection before building permits are issued, and to ensure that hoarding and silt
Invasive Plant Control
Parks and private properties are constantly invaded by non-native plants escaping from backyard gardens. They can prevent you from making use of your property as you intended, or make it hard to maintain. See invasive species for more information. We can rid your property of all of the common invasive species.  Most people call us about
Arborist Reports
Let our expert arborists create an arborist report that’s right for your tree, property or landscaping project. UFORA works with homeowners, architects, landscape architects, builders, other arborists, engineering firms and other professionals to provide our expertise in urban tree management and ecological restoration. We create arborist reports, ravine stewardship plans, tree protection plans, natural heritage
Tree Planting
UFORA can help you implement a vision to regenerate valuable neighbourhood green space and urban forests, or just plant a tree on your lawn. We facilitate community tree planting efforts in many different projects – from working with individuals to large school and community groups to organizing corporate events. UFORA has worked with community organizations
Seed Collection
Our staff collect various seeds of trees, shrubs and many meadow species for projects in the Toronto and GTA area. We supply seed to nurseries and groups that restore natural areas or grow plants for reforestation projects. We are Certified Seed Collectors, certified by the Forest Gene Conservation Association. We follow the Native Plant Growers Guidelines of
Plant Salvage
UFORA can help you preserve and relocate rare native plants in a safe and professional manner through our Plant Salvage (some people call it Plant Rescue) services. Plant salvage is when we dig up a community of rare plants from a site and move it to another location either on another part of a site
Site Maintenance
If you have a natural garden or stormwater pond to manage, you need someone who can correctly identify which plants belong there and which don’t. Most landscapers are unable to do this for you. In fact, they may remove the plants you just had planted because they don’t know how to identify the desirable plants
Landscape Design
UFORA’s goal is to create attractive plant communities using healthy, native plants on all projects. After planting, we provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the success of your project. We will mulch, water, control weedy species, control pests and disease, and prune, thin and fertilize as needed to encourage growth and survival. We plant densely to crowd out