Ensure that your property is protected from avoidable damage during your small or large construction projects.  It is possible to build what you need to and keep the best trees.

Protecting trees on construction sites requires the presence of a qualified arborist to inspect tree protection before building permits are issued, and to ensure that hoarding and silt fencing remains in place for the entire construction period and isn’t breached or the trees damaged.

If damage does occur, we will work to satisfy government authorities to restore the health of trees if it is possible, or replace them if it isn’t.

Root pruning prior to excavation for construction is often required by municipal authorities to minimize damage from root removal.

Our staff can prune roots or branches as needed, and supervise hydro-vac or compressed air excavation for root pruning, to reduce the amount of damage to the tree to a minimum. This protects your investment in the trees and helps them to survive after construction.

UFORA provided our company with exceptional service based in their knowledge and expertise surrounding issues of tree removal, re-naturalization and control/eradication of invasive species. Their familiarization with the City of Toronto personnel, policies and current trends resulted in efficient and amicable resolution to landscape issues during construction of the Bridgepoint Hospital Redevelopment. I will not hesitate to work with UFORA in the future for design, arborist services and site landscaping.” — Sandro Marcuzzi, Project Manager, PCL Constructors Canada Inc., Bridgepoint Hospital Project

Using compressed air to excavate roots so they can be cut cleanly for a construction project