UFORA Pringle Creek salvage carried out in 2007

UFORA can help you preserve and relocate rare native plants in a safe and professional manner through our Plant Salvage (some people call it Plant Rescue) services.

Plant salvage is when we dig up a community of rare plants from a site and move it to another location either on another part of a site or on another site. We have salvaged rare natives all over the GTA.

This way customers who are developing a site can choose to salvage plants that are rare or threatened instead of destroying them.


In 2004, UFORA dug up rare wetland plants on a development site in Scarborough and moved them about 1km to East Point Park. We’ve also done this at Earl Bales Park in Toronto.

Below is footage of our Darren Park site in Whitby, where we moved the rare plant narrow-leaved mountain mint Pycnanthemum tenuifolium.  We’re maintaining the site to keep the plants alive and dominant until they can take care of themselves.  We also planted a stand of butternut trees there as compensation for a mature butternut tree that had to be taken down nearby.