Native red elderberry in fruit in June

UFORA has been restoring natural habitats and urban landscapes in Southern Ontario for over 20 years.

As a service to our clients, we are pleased to provide background information on urban tree planting and restoration topics. Click on the links below for resources on what to plant, and where, (including what not to plant) for best results. For further questions and to make this happen in your own backyard or ravine, contact us today.

What to Plant
Where to Plant
Invasive Species
Natural Gardens
The Right Tree in the Right Place

Grow Me Instead
Many other resources can help you stop the spread of invasive exotic plants. For example, the Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC) and partners have created the Grow Me Instead guide (PDF), available for download here and from the OIPC website.

The guide identifies common garden plants that invade natural areas, thereby reducing biodiversity and costing us all millions of dollars to control.  It provides a list of beautiful non-invasive alternatives for each of these plants.