City Council has Voted to Save the Great Red Oak!

Thanks to the donations from 1,300 individual donors and supporters like Edith George, the Toronto Police Service, the Association for Canadian Educational Resources, and LEAF, on November 25 and 26, 2020 City Council voted to purchase the property located at 76 Coral Gable Drive and authorize a fundraising campaign towards the development of a parkette.

Preserving a 250 + Year Old Red Oak Tree in Toronto

Under the Forests Ontario’s Heritage Tree Program, the red oak (Quercus rubra) located at 76 Coral Gable Drive is recognized as a heritage tree, acknowledged for its size, age and cultural significance. This 250 + year-old, tree is one of the oldest and largest of its species in Toronto and has been in the community before

The Great Red Oak

Award winning, Edith George shares her passion for heritage tree protection. This short film showcases the beauty and heritage value of a historic red oak (over 250 years old) located in the City of Toronto. To learn more about the Great Red Oak and donate to protect this heritage tree, click here.