A new report from the Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources highlights the work of Urban Forest Associates, as one of several positive stories of Climate Change Adaptation in Ontario.

The report describes how urban forests are a vital component of any healthy city, and outlines the many benefits that city trees provide, such as increased ecosystem functions, a range of economic benefits, and improvements to human health and community well-being.

It also details some of the many ways a healthy urban forest defends against the impacts of climate change, including:

  • Absorbing vast amounts of carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air;
  • Preventing flooding by absorbing rainfall;
  • Cooling communities in extreme heat;
  • Protecting against strong wind during storms; and
  • Providing habitat for resident and migratory birds.

Download the full report here (UFORA is featured on pages 24-28)

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