Photo taken from Richmond Hill’s The Liberal: Long-standing employee Marlin Roy digging a shovel downwards into the ground to demonstrate how to properly dig a hole for a tree planting at Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve. All photos by Justin Greaves.


On May 22, 2019, UFORA organized the Annual Richmond Hill Rotary Tree Planting at the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve with the help of young volunteers from Bond Lake Public School. The planting day, which was featured in the May 30th issue of The Richmond Hill Liberal, was funded by the Richmond Hill Rotary Club and assisted by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

Volunteer students learned how to dig a hole, plant trees, mulch the newly planted trees and shrubs with woodchips, and how to install tree trunk protectors. Along with the evergreen and deciduous trees planted, numerous native shrubs were planted – such as smooth rose, common elderberry and 2 species of dogwood.


Dozens of students planting trees and shrubs at Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve

UFORA’s founder Stephen Smith pushing a wheelbarrow full of smooth rose alongside student volunteer Joanna Lin

Lathan Campbell and Jeremy Zhang mulching a newly planted tree at the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve

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