This past Saturday, local students from east Toronto gave a helping hand to plant native ferns in an area that had previously been overrun with invasive plants. The planting day was headed by UFORA’s Stephen Smith who provided the necessary equipment and materials for the planting and was funded by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation through their grants program.

Local students heading into a planting site

The students planted ferns and used the woodchip mulch to protect the new plants from threats such as other invasive species that may try to overtake the space.

Newly planted native fern protected with wood chips

Once planting was completed, students worked in teams to move cut logs into the area.  The woody debris attracts a variety of insect and wildlife species, which are vital to the growth in forests.

Students placed short logs between the planted ferns to resemble the fallen debris of a natural forest, which is vital in creating wildlife habitat and species variety, and helps the plants grow.

Thank you to all the students and volunteers who came out and made a difference in the environment! Our native plants and urban forests salute you!


Are you thinking of hosting a team building planting day at work? Perhaps you’d like to organise an environmental planting day at your school or organisation? UFORA can help you implement a vision to regenerate valuable neighbourhood green space and urban forests. We will help you facilitate community tree planting efforts based on your budget and requests. For more information, see our Tree Planting page or contact us directly.

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